BigG Offices

As a hair extensions company with a global reach, BigG Hair has established representative offices in various locations around the world to better serve customers and establish a strong presence in different markets.

BigG Hair’s headquarters in Asia

BigG Hair’s main office in Hanoi, Vietnam is the central hub of operations for the company, where employees work together to manage and grow the business. This is where our employees come together and collaborate on projects, share ideas, and work towards the company’s goals. It also serves as the main hub for the company’s supply chain and logistics operations, coordinating the transportation of hair products to the USA and other regions.

BigG Hair in the USA

As a hair extensions company with a presence in the USA, BigG Hair’s office in the country is likely to serve as a hub for the company’s sales, marketing, and customer service operations for the US market. The office may also include a store or showroom for displaying and selling BigG Hair’s products to customers.

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