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Tape-in 20 inch Champagne Silver #9C/#60C PLA3 Hair Extensions

Transform your hair instantly with Big G tape-in hair extensions – the perfect solution for those looking to add volume, length, and dimension to their natural hair.


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Tape-in hair extensions are thin wefts of hair that are pre-taped with adhesive on one side. These extensions are applied to the natural hair using a sandwiching technique, where a section of natural hair is placed between two tape-in wefts. The lightweight and discreet nature of tape-in extensions make them a preferred choice for individuals seeking a natural and comfortable hair enhancement solution.

The Allure of Champagne Silver PLA3 Hair Extensions

Champagne Silver PLA3 Hair Extensions offer a stunning and sophisticated blend of champagne and silver tones. This unique hair color adds a touch of elegance and glamour to any hairstyle. The versatility of the champagne silver shade allows individuals to experiment with various looks and create a personalized style statement.

Advantages of Tape-In Champagne Silver Hair Extensions

Easy and Quick Application

One of the primary advantages of tape-in hair extensions is their quick and straightforward application process. With the assistance of a professional hairstylist, tape-in extensions can be applied in a relatively short amount of time, saving both time and effort.

Seamless Blend with Natural Hair

The flat and flexible nature of tape-in wefts allows them to lie close to the scalp, resulting in a seamless blend with natural hair. When properly applied, tape-in extensions are virtually undetectable, creating a natural and elegant appearance.

Versatility in Styling

Tape-in champagne silver extensions provide individuals with a wide range of styling options. From sleek and straight to voluminous curls, these extensions can be styled to suit any occasion or desired look.

Long-Lasting Results

With proper care and maintenance, tape-in hair extensions can last for several weeks to months. Their durability makes them an excellent choice for those seeking a semi-permanent hair transformation.

Choosing the Right Length and Quantity

Selecting the appropriate length and quantity of tape-in extensions is essential to achieve the desired hairstyle. For those looking for a significant length boost, 20-inch extensions offer a captivating and glamorous look. The number of extensions required will depend on the individual’s natural hair density and the desired level of volume.

Application Process of Tape-In Champagne Silver Hair Extensions

Pre-Installation Preparation

Before the application of tape-in extensions, it is essential to wash and dry the natural hair thoroughly. This ensures that the adhesive adheres correctly, providing a secure and long-lasting attachment.

Application Steps

A professional stylist will part the hair into sections and apply the tape-in wefts close to the scalp, sandwiching a section of natural hair between two wefts. The process continues until the desired volume and length are achieved.

Post-Application Care

After the application, it is crucial to avoid washing the hair for 48 hours to allow the adhesive to set properly. Additionally, individuals should use sulfate-free and extension-friendly hair products to maintain the longevity of the extensions.

Styling Tips for Tape-In Champagne Silver Hair Extensions

Styling tape-in extensions is similar to styling natural hair. It is crucial to use heat protectant products before using hot styling tools and avoid excessive heat exposure to preserve the extensions’ quality.

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BigG Hair Factory

Human Hair Type

Vietnamese hair

Hair Quality

Remy human hair




Champagne Silver #9C/#60C


100 grams/ bundle

Chemical processing



Hot Steam

Hair features

No shedding, no tangles

Hand feeling

Soft, Smooth, and Healthy


20 inch


Premium Luxury Super Double Drawn


1-3 years

Supply Ability

15 tons/month

Packaging bag

Eco-friendly transparent plastic bag, Polypropylene plastic bags with white cardboard, or customization

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    Premium quality

    Use 100% human hair that is durable, long-lasting, and feels natural to the touch


    Diverse choices available

    Various options for different lengths, colors, textures, and styles for your need


    Comfortable using

    Designed to be easy to use, comfortable to wear and attach to natural hair


    Easy dying, easy bleaching

    Easily bleaching from the natural black color to a light color without damaging the hair

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