Innovation and excellence are always BigG Hair’s fundamental beliefs and are reflected in all of the work that we do. The R&D is key for the company to maintain its position as one of the leading suppliers, exporters, and manufacturers of Vietnamese quality wigs.

R&D Center: A Hub of Innovation

At BigG Hair we know how filled the beauty products market is with products that compete with each other to be the best. This is why our R&D center is to accommodate some of the brightest devising minds, including 25 hair experts, scientists, and engineers. Together, they work tirelessly to develop new and improved techniques for creating hair extensions that are not only beautiful but also durable, comfortable, and easy to wear.


BigG Hair team practices very much on experimenting and it is our philosophy that failure is merely a lesson to learn. We are always striving to improve on existing products, are looking at ways of getting more progressive techniques of manufacturing, and are concerned with fashion trends as well as trends in the hair market. Our goal is simple: to craft human hair extensions & wigs that will surpass our customers’ expectations and act as a benchmark in the market.

also made without using methods that harm the world.

R&D Center: A Hub of Innovation

Our R&D center is not only a laboratory but also a creative hub and ideas factory. A large amount of attention is paid to the relationship with customers, where information is collected to address their expectations and desires regarding the products we offer. We also work with industry partners to ensure that we remain current in the hair industry solutions.


More than that, sustainability is a core component of our R&D strategy. We always look for opportunities to reduce waste and recycle or find other earth-friendly ways in the production. The core values of Corporate Social Responsibility make our business guarantee that what it sells is not only good but also made without using methods that harm the world.

R&D Process: From Concept to Creation

1. Market Study and Analytical Trend of the Market

The discovery process of R&D starts with conducting a detailed SWOT study and analyzing the hair industry. The global hair trends and customer preferences are carefully analyzed continuously to observe possible changes in the needs of the customers. These proactive practices enable us to counter-attack the market and offer the latest fashion and creations in hair extensions and wigs.

Market Study and Analytical Trend of the Market

2. Material Sourcing and Testing

BigG Hair is very much conscious of the quality of our items. The Vietnamese human hair we use is among the best in the market as it is not only shiny but also very strong. After each batch is produced, each product is put through a series of tests to determine its quality. Our specialists ensure a proper examination of the texture, elasticity, and quality of the raw materials used in production.

Material Sourcing and Testing

3. Product Development and Prototyping

Our experienced R&D team then goes to the next phase which entails product development. Applying the higher-level technologies and effective strategies, we develop models that include various numbers of trials. These are aligned towards striving to produce the best wigs by reducing the possibility of the wigs returning by design, comfort, and durability.

Product Development and Prototyping

4. Feedback and Iteration

Feedback is particularly relevant which will be elaborated on in the next heading dedicated to our R&D activity. Trials and feedback initiation are performed with participants from the organization’s insiders like the sales team and outsiders. It empowers us to bring out our products many times and we are able to sell only quality products that would satisfy the consumer.

Feedback and Iteration

Innovation is a key driver in all our operations and the R&D Center plays an important role at BigG Hair. Constantly striving to achieve the highest standards and challenging ourselves to do better, we are setting the tone for hair extensions and wigs’ advancement – discovery by discovery.