Dropshipping Hair Business

Big G Hair Dropshipping Program

Dropshipping is a suitable choice for those who are passionate about business but do not have much capital. This is when you sell products to customers but use a third party to hold your inventory and ship your orders. Import hair directly from the Big G Hair factory at attractive prices, you only have to focus on branding, product marketing, order tracking, and customer care, we will take care of shipping the goods to customers.


Conditions Of Participation

– Minimum deposit of $1000. After 3 months, 100% of the deposit will be refunded.

– After the deposit, 3 sets of options will be sent for the Dropshippers to have sample products for sale.

– Samples will be exchanged within 1 month under the condition of storage and care as required by the manufacturer. After 1 month, no returns will be accepted if there are issues with the product.


– Support in designing labels, tags, logos, packaging, and bags according to the customer’s brand.

– Support in building a website.

– Provide marketing materials such as banners, product images, and sample content to assist in advertising.

– Provide support and training on effective marketing and sales methods.


– Dropshippers can purchase products with discounts (up to 30%) and resell them at self-determined prices.

– Dropshippers are responsible for advertising and selling products, while the company handles the delivery process.

– Dropshippers will not receive additional commission from selling products because the profit for dropshippers is the difference between the discounted price and the retail price.

Shipping Policy

– Fast delivery to the USA: 2-3 days

– Shipping fee: FREE SHIP


You can easily pay us through all the popular forms of payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, or Mastercard cards, …

Here is Step by Step for the Hair Dropshipping Services

Step 1

Your client places an order from you. (No matter you have a hair store, hair website or social medium sale channel…)

Step 2

You send order to us or order from our website directly. Please leave your client receiving address while placing the order.

Step 3

We prepare your customer ‘order without labels or using your warp labels/ bags

Step 4

We ship the order directly to your customer directly, then we will send you a tracking number.

Here is Step by Step for the Hair Dropshipping Services
Here is Step by Step for the Hair Dropshipping Services

– Receiving Orders

– Orders are received from customers through your website or dropshipping platform.

– Order information includes products, shipping address, and customer contact information.

– Processing Orders

– Check stock status to ensure all products in the order are available.

– If any products are out of stock, notify the dropshipper and provide an estimated time for restocking or alternative product options.

– Prepare products for packaging and double-check the shipping address before packing for shipment.

– Shipping Orders

– Print invoices and shipping labels based on the dropshipper’s and recipient’s address information.

– Select appropriate shipping services and send out the packages, including providing tracking numbers to the dropshipper (Usually using: FedEx or domestic US shipping).

– Delivery times vary depending on the region: for example, shipping from Vietnam to the US takes 3-5 days. For domestic US shipping, delivery takes 2-3 days.

– Shipping Notification

– Send shipping notification emails or notifications through platforms like WhatsApp, Zalo, etc., to the dropshipper, along with tracking numbers so they can track their orders.

– Customer Support

– Provide support to dropshippers in addressing customer inquiries regarding delivery times and products.

– Customization Support: Apohair can assist in customizing logos, labels, tags, and packaging bags for your products, allowing customers a personalized approach.

– Logo Labeling and Dropshipping: Apohair provides logo labeling services for customers’ products and manages direct dropshipping to your customers without including the Apohair logo, ensuring a seamless brand experience for your brand.

– Shopify Website Building: Apohair offers support in building your Shopify website, allowing you to choose the products you want to display on your website, making it easier to set up and integrate for your online store.

– Local Store and Fast Delivery: With warehouses available in the USA, we ensure delivery option in the next 1-2 days, guaranteeing fast delivery times.

– 1-1 Support and Consultation with an experienced sales team.

– Using the website platform for affiliates to monitor orders, commissions, and sales performance.

– Provide regular reports to affiliates and dropshippers so they can track their progress and income, or the system can be checked at any time.

Ensure that the above programs comply with all relevant laws and regulations issued by Apohair

Establish clear policies on fair and ethical marketing practices.

– Compliance with Laws and Regulations: 

Ensure that all marketing and advertising activities comply closely with relevant local, national, and international regulations and laws. This includes regulations on deceptive advertising, consumer protection, and intellectual property rights.

– Honesty and Transparency: 

All advertising and marketing information, including but not limited to pricing, product quality, and delivery times, must be presented in a truthful and transparent manner. Avoid using misleading tactics or misinformation to attract customers.

– Protection Customer Rights: 

Respect and protect the rights of customers, including privacy and the security of personal information. Clear policies should be in place regarding the collection, use, and sharing of customer personal information.

– Fair Competition: 

Encourage a healthy and fair competitive environment, avoiding unfair or illegal competitive practices such as smearing competitors, unfairly using internal information, or gaining a competitive advantage through market power abuse.

– Social Responsibility: 

Recognize and fulfill responsibilities to the community and the environment, including promoting environmentally friendly products and production processes, as well as practicing fairness in labor.

– Training and Support: 

Provide comprehensive training and support for affiliate and dropshipping partners on these policies and principles to ensure they understand and comply with them in their business operations.

Dropshipping Hair FAQ:

Answer: No. We do not charge extra fee for drop shipping services

Answer: Normally, Your profit will be $20-$30 per bundle. For Example: Apo Hair price is $40 a bundle, You can sell $70 to your client.

Answer: We accept the PayPal, Visa

Answer: With this program you will receive Free Shipping