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Our story

BigG Hair began as a humble passion project for founder Mr. Tony. Growing up, he witnessed the problem of hair loss that his mother suffered, which made her feel self-conscious and insecure. And as he got older, he discovered the power of hair extensions, which allowed people to transform their looks and boost their confidence. However, Mr. Tony quickly realized that not all hair extensions were created equal. Many were poorly made, uncomfortable to wear, or simply didn’t look natural. So, he set out to create a line of premium hair extensions that would address these common issues.

Drawing on his background in beauty and fashion, Tony spent years perfecting his techniques and testing different materials until he had created the ultimate line of luxury hair extensions. Each set of BigG Hair extensions was made from the highest quality human hair, carefully sourced from around the world to ensure a perfect match with any hair type.

But what truly set BigG Hair apart was the attention to detail that went into every aspect of the product. From the comfortable, lightweight design to the seamless blending with natural hair, Mr. Tony had thought of everything to create a truly exceptional product.

Today, BigG Hair is known as the go-to brand for anyone seeking the ultimate in luxury hair extensions. With the unbeatable quality, personalized service, and commitment to empowering women to feel confident and beautiful, BigG Hair has become a true force in the beauty industry.

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