Safety And Quality

When it comes to safety and quality, no company can afford to compromise by offering low-quality products to its clients; this is why at BigG Hair we guarantee safety and quality in our hair products. It is BigG Hair’s vision to provide high-quality hair products to its consumers and always strive for the advancement of sustainability and ethical values. Our core value of commitment to quality is well-captured in the meticulous care we take at each production stage, from sourcing materials to the final quality check.

High-Quality, Safe Ingredients

The first consideration that all the wearers have is the quality and therefore our products start with high-quality raw materials not only for the hair’s benefits but for the whole body. That is why we source only premium quality human hair from Vietnamese women who have taken care of their hair right from childhood with natural herbs and do not use chemicals on their hair. This way, it is guaranteed that our products always have an appearance of being uniquely strong, healthy, and naturally silky.

Rigorous Production Checks

Quality assurance is carried out at every stage of the production line. Our highly trained artisans pay a lot of attention to their work to give a quality output. This is the reason why right from the time of its manufacture, up to the time when it is packaged we ensure that the products that we offer are of the best quality. BigG Hair cooperates with specialists to screen each ingredient and make sure that it is not harmful to your natural hair or your scalp while our production process is also strictly controlled to ensure no chemicals are used, no synthetic materials are added, and no harm is done to the environment.

BigG Safety And Quality

Compliance with Safety Regulations

Thus, BigG Hair follows all the existing recommendations provided by various obligatory regulating bodies. It is important to maintain and even surpass these standards to provide citizens with products that are efficient but also safe for general use. Let it be said that our top management remains fully committed to safety and quality in our business continually to set a pace in the market.

Independent Third-Party Verification

To ensure that the ingredients that we use are of high quality and safe, we work with independent third parties. These specialists undergo thorough investigations to ensure the parts that are incorporated in their products are genuine and do not pose any major risks. This partnership makes sure that our products are of the best quality and that our clientele are assured of that.


At BigG Hair, all our customers’ safety and satisfaction are of paramount importance. We pride ourselves in bringing you quality hair products that are safe and standard to be used day in and day out.