Where do BigG’s hair extensions come from?

Last updated 2023-05-19

Do you know that one of BigG’s primary missions is to deliver perfection in each and every product? We firmly believe that to create a truly flawless product, the quality of the input materials plays a crucial role. That’s why we place an unwavering focus on sourcing the finest raw hair materials. This is to ensure that every product meets the highest standards of quality and satisfaction.

Source of our hair extensions

“We deliver perfection in each and every product”, is not a metaphysics that only appeared in the newspaper or our slogan but also the way that BigG has done throughout our history.

100% remy human hair

One of the best things is that BigG can be proud to commit to you that our hair extensions are ethically sourced from Vietnamese women. Our hair is made of 100% remy hair collected from healthy individuals. We reject synthetic, non-Remy, or mixed types of hair. At our factory, raw hair undergoes a meticulous grading process prior to being produced into exquisite hair extensions. The initial selection process ensures the use of high-quality raw materials, resulting in the best quality product.

Strict sourcing process

To get high quality in each product, BigG Hair always focuses on product filtration before proceeding with the next process. Bundles of raw hair, after being collected from donors, undergo a thorough selection process that includes removing any damaged, split, or substandard hair. This meticulous procedure guarantees that our hair extensions possess consistent quality, free from tangles and nits. The hair is then washed and prepared for various processing treatments, including curling, straightening, and dyeing, to achieve the desired end result.

Oztstanding features of our hair extensions

We are proud that our hair extensions are one of the best hair extensions in the market. Compared to other hair extensions, Vietnamese hair stands out for its strength and durability. It is also known for its healthy, smooth, and frizz-free. You can easily see the difference with the naked eye through the gloss, straight and smooth texture in each strand of our hair. Alternatively, you can also experience the difference by trying out different styling methods. Even with chemical or heat methods with proper care, our hair extensions retain their strength and smoothness.

We understand that quality should always be your first priority when placing an order.  Therefore, we always strive to find and select the best raw materials for producing the highest quality hair extensions. However, we also aim to strike a balance between business benefits and value to the community, ensuring that each BigG hair extensions is truly perfect.

To understand more about our product as well as the value we aim to provide, we invite you to visit our website. There, you can learn more about the positive impact we bring to your business and the community.

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