Get Luscious Locks with Keratin Hair Extensions: The Chemical-Free Solution

Last updated 2023-07-06

In the ever-evolving world of hair extensions, clients are increasingly seeking natural-looking and chemical-free options that can transform their hair without compromising its health. This desire has led to the rise of halo hair extensions, a revolutionary solution that offers stunning results without the use of damaging chemicals. In this blog post, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of seamlessly applying keratin hair extensions, while also sharing valuable tips to optimize this style using the exceptional keratin hair extensions from BigG Hair.

Step-by-step process of applying BigG Hair’s keratin extensions

Are you ready to become a pro at applying keratin hair extensions? Let’s dive into our step-by-step guide to achieve flawless results:

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1

Section off the hair above the ear, getting close to the hairline while leaving coverage in case the client wears their hair up. Clip the selected hair to hold it in place.
Keratin Hair Extensions The Chemical Free Solution step 1

Step 2

Place BigG keratin extensions on the hair and bond them together using either Ultrasonic Touch or 3200 Thermal.
Keratin Hair Extensions The Chemical Free Solution step 2

Step 3

After applying two bonds, check if enough hair is left out at the perimeter to blend the extensions seamlessly. Continue moving up the head.
Tip: Apply the extensions exactly where you’d place color for the same result, minus the lightener.
Keratin Hair Extensions The Chemical Free Solution step 3

Step 4

When reaching the part line, use “micro bonds” to match the density of the client’s hairline. Consider the hair’s natural fall to avoid added stress.
Keratin Hair Extensions The Chemical Free Solution step 4

Step 5

Choose a root color that matches the client’s base when applying extensions near the part or hairline. If needed, pre-blend two separate extension shades before applying for a dimensional
Keratin Hair Extensions The Chemical Free Solution step 5

Step 6

Continue applying extensions to the face frame and sides before moving to the nape, starting about three rows up from the bottom.
Keratin Hair Extensions The Chemical Free Solution step 6

Step 7

Once the nape is finished, point cut the extensions to blend with the hair, maintaining fullness and softening the ends. The depth of the point cut determines the texture.
Tip: The deeper the point cut, the softer and more texturized the hair will be. The softer the point cut, the stronger the line.
Step 7

Step 8

Switch to a slide cutting technique to blend the top layer with the perimeter, ensuring a seamless transition. Continue slide cutting for all layers.
Keratin Hair Extensions The Chemical Free Solution step 8

Step 9

Finish the face frame by over directing back towards the nape and slide cutting to remove excess length.
Keratin Hair Extensions The Chemical Free Solution step 9

Step 10

Apply Heat Protecting Spray and comb through for even distribution. Use a 1 ¼-inch curling iron to create natural beach waves, curling the hair in alternating directions.
Tip: When sectioning, use triangle parts so the hair overlaps as it falls to create a less blocky curl pattern.
Keratin Hair Extensions The Chemical Free Solution step 10

Step 11

And the look is complete!
And the look is complete!

By following these simple steps, you can achieve a flawless and natural-looking result. Remember to prioritize the client’s comfort and hair health throughout the process.

Before and after use Keratin Hair Extensions

Product ues

Introducing BigG Hair Keratin

BigG Hair’s keratin extensions are at the forefront of the chemical-free air extension trend. These extensions are crafted using Remy hair and the finest keratin protein, ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond between the extension and the client’s natural hair. The innovative halo design allows for easy application, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit without causing any damage or discomfort.

These customizable extensions provide an invisible look that lasts 6 to 8 months, and with proper care, they can even last up to a year. Moreover, BigG Hair’s extensions can be safely bleached from natural black color to a lighter shade without any negative effects.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are keratin hair extensions chemical-free?

Yes, keratin hair extensions, such as those offered by BigG Hair, are chemical-free. They are made using a protein called keratin to bond the extension hair to the client’s natural hair, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals.

2. How long do keratin hair extensions last?

With proper care and maintenance, keratin hair extensions can last between 6 to 8 months.

3. Can keratin hair extensions be styled like natural hair?

Absolutely! Keratin hair extensions can be styled just like natural hair. Clients can curl, straighten, and even updo their hair extensions without any limitations, allowing for versatile and personalized hairstyles.

4. Do keratin hair extensions cause damage to natural hair?

No, when applied correctly and maintained properly, keratin hair extensions do not cause damage to natural hair. The bonding process is gentle and the use of chemical-free methods ensures that the client’s hair remains healthy and undamaged.

5. Can keratin hair extensions be customized to match different hair densities?

Yes, keratin hair extensions can be customized to match different hair densities. Extensions like BigG extensions can be cut into mini, micro, or custom bonds to fit the client’s specific hair density, ensuring a seamless blend and natural look.

Conclusion Keratin Extensions

Chemical-free keratin hair extensions offer hair salons a fantastic opportunity to provide clients with natural-looking transformations while prioritizing their hair’s health. With their seamless blend, versatility in styling, and long-lasting results, keratin hair extensions are a remarkable advancement in the world of hair enhancements. Contact BigG Hair today to explore a range of high-quality keratin extensions, luxury flat tip extensions and offer your clients the ultimate hair enhancement experience.

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